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International projects


1996 - PHARE project Human resources management found "Company economy and management for top managers". Number - SR 9306/01/01- L-15.

Duration of the project was 1 year. Project was made in cooperation with company Biotika, a. s. Slovenská Ľupča. Methodology of the project was distance learning study programme complete with choosing management training skills acitivities. In project were involved 20 managers from company Biotika Slovenská Ľupča, a.s..

1997 - in the same programme was made project „Human resources management development". Number - SR 9306/01/01-L-34.

Project was designet for human resources managers in slovak machinery companies. Duration of the project was 5 month as a combination of the distance learning study system with management training skills activities. Project offer information about management in all human resources sytems in companies and tranings in communication, teambuilding and presonal developmnet. In project take part 15 human resorces managers from 12 companies.

PHARE Contract n˚ EuropeAid/112239/D/SV/SK „Technical Assistance for the project of the State Tresury system at the Ministry of Finances of the Slovak Republic".

TRANSFER Slovensko is a member of consortium, which is responsible for realisation and initiation of State Tresury system in Slovak Republic.TRANSFER Slovensko is responsible for management and coordination of the local experts which are involved in this project.