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YES - Youth Empolyment Support
e-learrning - Coaching - Peer Support for SME  


1998 - 2001 -LEONARDO DA VINCI pilot project „Modular education system for foremans". Number- SK/98/84005/PI/I.1.1.b/FPC.

TRANSFER was contractor of this project , partners were Železiarne Podbrezová, Finanzakademie Austria, Meter Silesia from Czech republic and education company BBW from Germany. The aim of this project was to create and tested new company education modules system for first line managers in industry companies. Duration of the project were 2 years. Project was a combination of distance learning study system and management skills trainings modules. In project take part 40 first line managers from Železiarne Podbrezová , which were made all modules of this programme during the pilot course.

2002- 2002 LEONARDO DA VINCI pilot project IMA - Industriemeisterausbildung „School for foremans". Number - SK/00/B/P/2-142 217.

TRANSFER was contractor of this project and partners were Volkswagen Slovakia, Volkswagen Wolsburg Germany, Volkswagen Setubal in Portugal, Škoda Mladá Boleslav from Czech Republic, Machinery secondary school from Bratislava and Prag and Car industry associations from Slovak nad Czech Republic. Duration of the project was 2 years and the aim of this project was the create after secondary school special education system for all which will have international certificated education as first line managers in industry companies. During creation of this system were used exprience from all industry companies in project involved and from other partners or instituions as secondary schools, industry associations etc. Our ambition is to get this school to school system of the Slovak Republic as official education system in Slovakia in this area.

2000 - 2002 LEONARDO DA VINCI pilot project PROBIQ,- Programming Blind in Qualification. Number - A/00/B/S/PP- 124.052

Project contractor was education instituion Bfi Steiermark from Austria and partners were institutions from Italy, Greece, UK, Germany and from Slovakia TRANSFER Slovensko. Project aim was to create and develop training courses in the area of software development for blind and visual handycapt people.

LEONARDO DA VINCI netwok project EINET (N/01/B/F/PP/131069).

Contractor of this project is Bodó University from Norway. Objectives are to establish a transnational multi-player vocational training supportt network, incerase the number of players concerned by activities and outputs of the network, ensure that feedbacxk on the networks activities is provided to various vocational training players and national community bodies, guarantee the european dimension in dissemnination of the network outputs. Patrners in this newtwork are 39 institutions from 17 european countries.

2002 - 2004 - LEONARDO DA VINCI pilot project „E-Chance for Women „(CZ/02/B/F/PP/134004)

Coordinator of this project is Ostravská Univerzita. Aims of the project to develop the generally applicable methodology for the pedagogical approach to women, to their ICT-training and counselling for the orientation at the labour market and to develop the interactive training for ICT-trainers and for counsellors with the aim to strength gender aspects in the pedagogical approach to women, to their ICT training and counselling.Partners in project are education and consulting institutions from Slovakia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, and Spain.

2002 - 2004 LEONARDO DA VINCI pilot project „ETMT- Extended Technology and Management Training for SME's". Number (CZ/02/B/F/PP/134039).

Contractor of this project is VSB Technical University of Ostrava. Project develop a necessary, worthwhile, tested and prove training programme for three target groups unemployment, students and SME managers. The subject areas in the training programme will be designed in order to provide vital required skills to those outside the workforce, so that can enter it successfully as well as for those busy SME managers so taht they can operate their companies in a sustainable, competitive and profitable manner. Partner are education and training institions from Italy, Ireland, Slovakia, Austria, Sweden, Polan, Rumania and Litauna.