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Slovak Telekom, a.s.
The company

History of the company

  • The firm has been established in 1994 as a private educational company
  • Since 1994 performs distance study for managers and other persons in the Slovak Republic
  • Since 1995 the company provides training activities aimed at enhancement of managerial skills as well as other specialized training activities
  • Since 1996 presents an opportunity for the companies to take combined educational activities among which it offers a combination of distance study and managerial training
  • In 1996 the company entered the area of international projects by its first PHARE project
  • Since 1998 the company presents consulting in the area of human resources management
  • In 1998 TRANSFER got its first project as a co-ordinator in Leonardo da Vinci
  • In 1999 the company obtained certificate of "International Education Society" which has to be acknowledged every year
  • In 2000 TRANSFER got his second project Leonardo da Vinci as a co-ordinator
  • Since 2000 the company has become a partner in many international projects
  • Since 2001 new educational activities has been appended - optimization of employees rate, analysis of processes as well as designing control